Thursday, August 21, 2008

Character of the Day: Bubbles

In my earlier teen years, I used to watch a lot of Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network, especially when they had several episodes of it on every day to promote the movie. My favourite character of the show was always Bubbles. She is one of three little girls, created when a professor attempted to create the perfect little girls, by mixing together sugar, spice and everything nice. The experiment went wrong when the professor's lab partner (a monkey called Mojo, who went on to become the main villain of the show) knocked in a chemical known only as Chemical X. The resulting three girls were born with amazing powers, such as eye rays and flight. Bubble is the friendliest of the three sisters, and this little blonde usually stayed true to her name, as a bubbly and sweet little girl. She wasn't exactly the smartest of the three, and could sometimes be a bit naive. She seems to have been a bit on the outside of the team, since Blossom and Buttercup shared a bit of a rivalry, which sometimes meant Bubbles had to try and keep the peace. At first glance, Bubbles would seem like the weakest Powerpuff Girl. In actuality, it was the complete oposite. As the series progressed, the hidden potential of Bubbles was revealed, showing that she is possibly the most powerful of the team. This was originally shown when her abilities as a warrior were being constantly questioned. She set up a training session for herself at maximum difficulty, and when she thought about people thinking she was weak, she unleashed amazing power and destroyed all her oponents with ease. Since then, Bubbles sometimes displayed a darker and more angry style, which I always thought was cool. But I always loved the sweet and inocent Bubbles a whole lot.

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