Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Character of the Day: Flippy

I know that I haven't been keeping up with these characters of the day or my blog in general. I've just had problems with motivation. But since I am trying to become a better writer, I need to stick to things. So I will try harder. Anyway, today's character is the lovable little bear from the series of internet shorts turned TV show- Happy Tree Friends. He is a war veteran who was left severely traumatised by the events in whatever war he was in. Although he has returned to living in peace, (well, as peaceful as you can consider the world of Happy Tree Friends) he cannot help but return to being the killer that he was turned into during the war whenever he hears a noise that takes him back to the time. Like, for example, a crackling fire making him think he's under bullet fire. When this evil version of the usually kind hearted Flippy is unleashed, nobody is safe. He will use anything at his disposal to kill everyone as horrifically as possible. It is not until he has killed everyone around him that he returns to his cute and cuddly self, with apparently no memory of the terrible things he has just done. Later episodes showed that while he had no memory of these events, he was aware that they happened. One episode showed him fighting the urge to kill long enough to stop himself murdering somebody, but he was trying to fly a helicopter as a weapon, and because he stopped, a crash resulted, killing him. This shows how good hearted Good Flippy really is. But that doesn't matter, because he was back soon enough, just like all the other characters. Later on in the double episode Double Whammy, when Flippy got professional help to try and control his gruesome outbursts. This led to an awesome battle between Good Flippy and Bad Flippy in the mind. That's all I will say about that episode.... I will just say that it is probably my favourite one. The reasons I like Flippy are pretty simple. He is a killing machine, who is always creative. But I also like his good side, because of how sweet and caring he is.

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